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Mom to 4 boys and drowning in a sea of testosterone!

The Broken Ones

Do not give me the ones who will never be “human;” the ones who paint their masks on so tight that you can’t tell where it ends and they begin; the ones who cast handfuls of glitter on top of … Continue reading

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New Direction

May we all learn, grow, and heal from ourselves and from one another. ❤️ Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Owe Anyone My Forgiveness (And Neither Do You)

Not everyone deserves my (or your) forgiveness, and here’s why. Continue reading

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A Forgotten Saved Draft

There aren’t any words to properly describe exactly how it feels to know that you’ve reached the end of your proverbial rope, just as there are no words to convey what a solitary experience it truly is, no matter how many people tell you they are there supporting you. Continue reading

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Teaching Respect Without Respect…?

This is the e-mail that I received from my six year old’s teacher this afternoon… I’m actually livid at the moment, so if my response to her doesn’t say enough, I apologize. But only half-heartedly. Because I stand fully behind … Continue reading

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Mommy Dearest

Note: You may wish to read Shell of a Girl first. I received this letter from my mother when I was 27 and filing for divorce. I was livid and fired off a scathing response first thing, hitting send without … Continue reading

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Too Slow

His face was etched with malice. She cringed. Why was he always so angry? He approached slowly, intently. She backed away with equal intent. Too slow. He lunged. ____________________ This post was written in reponse to a prompt by Write … Continue reading

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