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Teaching Respect Without Respect…?

This is the e-mail that I received from my six year old’s teacher this afternoon… I’m actually livid at the moment, so if my response to her doesn’t say enough, I apologize. But only half-heartedly. Because I stand fully behind … Continue reading

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The ADHD Puzzle

We have set my 7 year old up with therapy appointments. I’m pretty sure, at this point, that the ADHD comes from both sides of my family, having had the time to reflect on things. The woman doing my son’s … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Myth vs. Reality

A picture is worth a thousand margaritas. Continue reading

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Loud and Clear

I watch as the water runs in a compilation of rapid rivers from the kitchen faucet. My wrist reveals what I’d already known from the thousand times I had checked it before: not too hot; not too cold. The tiny … Continue reading

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For My Youngest Miracle, on His First Birthday

My Dearest Little Boy, It is about 10:30 in the morning on the day of your first birthday. One year ago today, at exactly this time, I was sitting in the emergency room, my hands clasped across an enormous belly, … Continue reading

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This is When You Know it’s Time

Today, my son scared the holy living shit out of me. Not once, but twice. And for very different things. Scare #1 He leaves for the bus at around 7:15 so that he can meander in the painful slowness of … Continue reading

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From the Minds of My Kids: Electric Bullets and the Prehistoric 1850s

Another collection of the things my kids have come up with recently. To preface the first one, we live right across the street from the fire department and a block from the police department (ironically, we have moved three times … Continue reading

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