Autocorrect Fails: They’re Blazing Tasty

Anyone who has seen my Twitter rants knows that I was less than pleased with the phones that we had purchased last year. coughSamsungAcclaimcough

Finally someone listened and helped us along with a trade-in for two new phones… which are a vast improvement over the old ones, but which also come with the lovely autocorrect feature.

I thought it would be fun to post a collection of all of our massive autocorrect fails here. Enjoy!


As I’m getting ready to renew my driver’s license:

Jeff: Getting ready for your big test this afternoon?

Me: Test???? There’s a TEST?? Tell me you only mean of the eye variety. And, yes, psychedelic OUT! LOL

Me: Whoa.

Me: Psyched, not psychedelic. That’d probably duck with the vision test.

Me: Dammit. I CALL FOWL!

Me: Haha.. see what I did there?

After I sent a picture of a pile of plaster chunks on the garage floor that I had dumped out of a vaporizer.

Me: That was all the crap that fell out when I turned it upside down to get one of the kid’s toys out of it.

Jeff: Wow!

Me: The whole inside is just faked in plaster dust. =/

Me: And by faked, I mean caked. Stupid autocorrect.

Jeff: LOL Nut gross.

Jeff: Damnit!

Me: LMAO What was that???

Jeff: Should have been but gross not nut gross.

Jeff: Spent 45 minister trying to put music on my phone this morning with no luck…..

Me: Minister eh? That’s what you get for always misspelling minutes. =P

Me: Holy crap. Netflix has a streaming app and it actually works!


Jeff: No likking!

Me: Um. Ok.

Jeff: Damnit! That was supposed to be no kidding.

Me: What the help is GeekBuddy?

Me: Hell, not help.

Me: Stupid phone. Why would hell not be a saved word already??

Jeff: Geek buddy was something that came with cpmpdo.

Me: WHAT…?

After Jeff had spent 45 minutes (or minister, whatever) fixing all the duplicates in his contacts list:

Jeff: BTW my contacts are all ducked up again. Grrrrr

Me: Quack…

Jeff: Damnit

Regarding the phone’s speed both on and off the WiFi:

Jeff: Hadn’t really tried it before but these things are blazing tasty even off the wireless.

Me: I can see where this autocorrect feature is going to keep me amused for a long time.

Jeff: Ah fuck.



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9 Responses to Autocorrect Fails: They’re Blazing Tasty

  1. Ashley says:

    LOL I know that is you type in c*nt on iphone it autocorrects it to Cynthia. So whoever wrote that autocorrect hated a Cynthia a whole lot lol.

  2. So funny! Autocorrect drives me crazy too.

    • On our previous phones it was more like an auto-suggester. It would give you options to select while typing, but it wouldn’t select one for you… I see this taking a while to get used to! 😉

  3. Hahaha!!! Hilarious, gotta love Autocorrect!

  4. Jen says:

    Har, har, har! Pretty ducking funny! New phones are great but they do have some messed up features that you have to get used to. There is some kind of app that is called “swype” if you have touch screen texting. Haven’t found the right one yet, but someone showed me it and it is amazing. I want that! But for now, yes, pretty funny! I bet you can also turn off auto-correct, but that takes time finding all these little gems of changes hidden somewhere within our phone settings! Ugh! ; )

  5. So funny. Autocorrect stories are the best.

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