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Too Slow

His face was etched with malice. She cringed. Why was he always so angry? He approached slowly, intently. She backed away with equal intent. Too slow. He lunged. ____________________ This post was written in reponse to a prompt by Write … Continue reading

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The ADHD Puzzle

We have set my 7 year old up with therapy appointments. I’m pretty sure, at this point, that the ADHD comes from both sides of my family, having had the time to reflect on things. The woman doing my son’s … Continue reading

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Autocorrect Fails: They’re Blazing Tasty

Anyone who has seen my Twitter rants knows that I was less than pleased with the phones that we had purchased last year. coughSamsungAcclaimcough Finally someone listened and helped us along with a trade-in for two new phones… which are … Continue reading

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