Mommy Brain: Friend or Foe?

Mommy Brain…

We mothers all know we’ve experienced it.

Or… it could be just me. During pregnancy, I called it “Placenta Brain.” It’s the ability to forget something the second after it happens, and sometimes even while it’s happening. It’s like, somehow, my children started draining my memory capacity from the moment of implantation.

While I can’t claim to be a victim of things like lost keys on too many occasions (that’s Jeff’s forte, not mine), I can claim to be a victim of “Mommy Brain.”

I wasn’t always like this. I used to be organized. I knew where things were and where I had to be and at what time I needed to be there. I never even really had to write appointments down, but I did it anyways because, well, my planner was uber-cute and it needed things written in it so I could feel more like an “adult.”

Enter Children.

I am suddenly able to define myself as Walking Chaos and, no, I don’t consider this to be a bragging point. It didn’t used to take me an hour to get out of the house from start to finish because I kept forgetting one thing or another (like shoes for the kids, for example.. realized only as tiny sock-clad feet are about to step out into the rain or snow). And yet, here I am, a mother, with nothing even remotely resembling an ability to retain anything I once thought was important. Except water, of course. Water’s important.

Important dates? Gone.

Phone numbers? Gone.

What did I walk to the kitchen for? Yep… gone. Hell, sometimes I forget what room I was even originally headed for while I’m on my way there.

I’m pretty sure that most days I would even benefit from a Post-It reminding me to brush my teeth (good call…).

All of this leaves me feeling frazzled, incompetent and completely frustrated with myself and sometimes, yes, I’ll admit it, with my children (shocker, I know). For crying out loud, I can’t remember everything for everyone around here!!

This “Mommy Brain” business is a serious, sanity-threatening affliction.

It keeps forgetting to call and make a dentist appointment for my 7 year old.

It forgets where I set things down and why I pick things up.

And sometimes, only sometimes (okay, once), it sets the keys, the ones with the only house/garage key on them, on top of the car while dragging child after child out of their respective car/booster seats… and leaves them there before heading to the house (the keys, not the kids).

It does, however, remember to lock the garage door on the way out.

It also remembers where my 2 year old leaves his favorite toy when nothing else will do. And if I’m not in the room to see where he puts it, Mommy Brain kicks in and remembers all the favorite hiding spots to look.

It remembers the kids’ favorite foods and which foods will make them gag, and possibly vomit, all over the dining room table.

It remembers birth dates, birth times, heights and weights.

It remembers which shirts go with which pants when sorting through children’s clothing, even 2 years after the newborn clothes have been packed away in a box.

It knows whose socks are whose based on the shade of grey on the bottoms, and not just the fact that there is grey on the bottoms.

It knows what time of day the children are going to get cranky… and it has to adjust accordingly to accommodate an irritable, napless, toddler.

A few months back, it could tell by the way my 7 year old crossed the lawn from the bus stop exactly what type of day he had in first grade.. and how to gauge my response to his report by the look on his face when he got close enough for me to see it.

It knows just how much medicine, of any kind, to give to a child of almost any age (based on weight, of course) to ease any ailment.

It also knows how to calculate the same dosage in adult medication should children’s (or infant’s) not be available.

From a mommy perspective, I suppose it remembers a lot more than it forgets.. and I’d guess that’s the most important perspective I can have as long as my little ones are in the home.

So, really, maybe this “Mommy Brain” isn’t such a bad thing, after all.


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3 Responses to Mommy Brain: Friend or Foe?

  1. Ashley says:

    Mommy brain is the absolute worst tbh. My memory and ability to form adult thoughts are ruined :/

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