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From the Minds of My Kids: Electric Bullets and the Prehistoric 1850s

Another collection of the things my kids have come up with recently. To preface the first one, we live right across the street from the fire department and a block from the police department (ironically, we have moved three times … Continue reading

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The Last Breath

One final breath. Muscles tighten, then release; an earthly presence gone. Another’s breath taken and released: tiny and new. Strong. Alive. ____________________ One final breath. Muscle tightens, then releases; a mother gone. Another’s breath taken and released: tiny and new. … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Make Them Stop Growing!

Today: First Day of Second Grade Friday He Turns Three The Second Night in a Row in His Very Own Bed; He Turns One Next Month Make Them Stop Growing, Please!!

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Shell of a Girl

The movie was boring at best. My fourteen year old mind wasn’t too keen on the whole concept of “Death Wish,” regardless of which part it happened to be. I snuggled into the blanket, trying to immerse myself in the … Continue reading

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Buried Artwork aka Organized Much..?

I’ve been trying to dig through the buried, extremely deep recesses of the computer’s hard drive in an effort to delete things we no longer need and to organize material on to the newer hard drive. Mainly because it is … Continue reading

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You Capture: Ordinary Moments

I’ve done no fancy editing for this week’s You Capture prompt. These are, after all, our Ordinary Moments… and they are perfectly capable of making themselves extraordinary without my interference. I am also linking this up for Wordless Wednesday.

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The Case of the Chronically Bad Karma

I used to believe that karma existed. I mean, a lot of people do. However, after the last few decades, I may have to rethink my belief system. I have spent what seems like the majority of my life being … Continue reading

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