A Kid Late and an Application Short

Once upon a time there was a guy that served over 9 years in the military. He needed slightly more than 10 more to be able to retire with a pension, so he constantly kicked himself in the ass for leaving and considered re-enlistment silently all the time.

Until he found out his significant other would support him in that decision and then he started his investigations into said re-enlistment.

Ok, ok… so this is actually about us. I know: you’re stunned, right?

At any rate, Jeff has found, with that investigation, that the maximum number of dependents he can have before being ineligible is four. He has five children total and, even though two of them are from a previous marriage and they don’t live with us, they are still considered dependents.

Then we found that if we were married, the limit would go to five. Which is great! All except for the part where I would then be considered a dependent, bringing his total number of dependents to six, regardless of if I had my own job and insurance. Which I think is just plain stupid, but completely impossible to argue your way past since it’s the Navy’s policy. So, again, ineligible.

We were waiting to hear something (anything) from the National Guard.. but it wasn’t anything good, so now I’m not even sure if he will be checking with the International Guard or not.

Either way, something tells me our luck may have run out. We’re basically a kid late and an application short. And I know that has to be a hard pill to swallow.

Not that I would trade our littlest guy in for it.. but still. Who sets these stupid policies, anyways?


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3 Responses to A Kid Late and an Application Short

  1. Terry says:

    Air Force?
    I have one son in the Air Force, one in the Navy. I always thought military was military…absolutely not.

  2. TheKirCorner says:

    oh darlin I am so sorry. That is one bitter pill to swallow for sure. Hoping something good comes out of this for you. xo

  3. Ashley says:

    I think that the policy sucks :/ I can’t believe you’d be counted.

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