You Capture – Water

This week’s (er, last week’s, but whatever) prompt for You Capture is (was) water.

We’ve got a creek running about two blocks from the house and the boys decided they wanted to take a walk down there and play in it. The toddler was petrified and immediately came back up the hill with a look of sheer terror on his face.

The 7 year old, on the other hand, loved it, even with the threat of losing his flip flops in the current.

The last photo shows him stuck ankle deep in the mud while trying to rescue said flip flops in order to rinse them off.

The boys came home a wet, muddy mess and were promptly thrown into a joint bath..

But, hey, isn’t that what summer is for?




About Caitlin's Concepts

Mom to 4 boys and drowning in a sea of testosterone!
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3 Responses to You Capture – Water

  1. Deana says:

    Great pics! Did you edit them so they were softer somehow? You are So talented! 🙂

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