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You Capture – Summertime

Summertime. It brings out the innocence of children and their joy in the simple things that we sometimes forget about in the world of adulthood. And that little boy will do anything big brother does, or anything big brother tells … Continue reading

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A Kid Late and an Application Short

Once upon a time there was a guy that served over 9 years in the military. He needed slightly more than 10 more to be able to retire with a pension, so he constantly kicked himself in the ass for … Continue reading

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We’re Gay Bitches.. ?

For those not already privy to the onslaught of texts (which has been one person, actually), Jeff aka The SO, has been considering a re-enlistment in the military (he was Navy for just over 9 1/2 years). Branch is negotiable … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Baby’s First Sand Encounter

We took a couple trips to the local park near our new home this past week, now that some things have settled down. It was Preston’s first adventure into sand, where he dug his feet in repeatedly and sifted handfuls … Continue reading

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You Capture – Water

This week’s (er, last week’s, but whatever) prompt for You Capture is (was) water. We’ve got a creek running about two blocks from the house and the boys decided they wanted to take a walk down there and play in … Continue reading

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