Purple and Bathrooms (and Weight, OH MY!)

Purple and Bathrooms: the two challenges over the past two weeks at Beth’s place, where she, according to her, should be folding laundry.

Boo to laundry! I had enough this week to make a person swear off it forever.

Anywho, here’s my take on the prompt..



Anyone who knows me or has read my last few posts knows the correlation between the first and second photos and how important it is

Without the second, I’m sure the first either would have killed me or would still have been my lifeline twice a day, if not more (let’s not mention the second scale I had in order to verify the findings of the first).

However, moving on to a brighter topic: Purple!


A random weed-flower back off the bike path near where we live. If you know what it is (or, ahem, what most of it used to be), please… fill me in! I’m probably 90% flower-illiterate.

Go check out more link-ups (since mine is insanely late).

Maybe next time you can join in! Trust me… this is made of fun.

And I need all the fun I can get lately!


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4 Responses to Purple and Bathrooms (and Weight, OH MY!)

  1. Deana says:

    The flower is a phlox. I think in the wild they are mainly purple though I have seen them to be a lighter shade of purple almsot to white as well. If you get them for a flower garden though, they caome in lots of different colors now. Shade tolerant so that is good.

  2. ~~A weed Flower? That is gorgeous !!!! I adore purple flowers…..

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