Capturing Flowers… and the Things Inside!

Ok, so this week’s challenge for You Capture was flowers.

I admit that I totally cheated because I didn’t take these within the past week. However, you’ll see when you get to the last photo why it is that I couldn’t not use at least that one. I knew I had to share it as soon as I saw the prompt… and the rest just happened to be in that same time frame, so I snatched a couple of others.

Also, in my defense, we have been packing to move and I have not been out and about looking for flowers.

Trust me when I say that I wish I had been, even factoring in the 97 degree suffocatingly humid heat wave.






How cute is that little tiny bug-gy face?
I’d pinch his cheeks if he had any.. or if I could find them.
And, as a general rule, I really dislike bugs…


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Mom to 4 boys and drowning in a sea of testosterone!
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6 Responses to Capturing Flowers… and the Things Inside!

  1. Shell says:

    Fabulous pics!

  2. kir says:

    Wow! What gorgeous pictures! I could smell those flowers because the pix were so beautiful! I love when u share that talent with us!

  3. Stacia says:

    That is a cute little bug face. Makes me want to watch A Bug’s Life. =>

  4. emily says:

    Love the photos! I didn’t even noticed the bug until I was reading the text. So neat!

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