Oh, Tartar Sauce!

My toddler watches too much Spongebob; probably more than is actually healthy.

Anyone who has a child that watches this show or anyone that has seen the show themselves, knows that the favorite exclamations of disappointment in Bikini Bottom are either “Oh, barnacles!” or “Oh, tartar sauce!” – because, really, what could be more of a curse word than a condiment for the creatures contained within?

I made mention on Twitter the other day about Braeden’s newfound “Oh, tartar sauce!” obsession. He also seems to think this is a bad word, which makes it even funnier to hear him say it in his disappointed toddler voice whenever something doesn’t quite go the way he wants it to go.

I finally managed to have the camera out at the right time.. Take a look!

“Tartar Sauce!”

How can I possibly keep a straight face when he says that?


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2 Responses to Oh, Tartar Sauce!

  1. tsonoda148 says:

    That’s just too darned cute! I think I just adopted a new cuss phrase! Thanks. I needed one. My stuff was getting old.

    Love this post. Kiddos are gorgeous!


    • haha You and me both! Never thought I’d thank Spongebob for much of anything, but this one we use quite often now.

      Thank you so much for the comment/compliments and for stopping by!

      After the last two posts, I kinda dig this video thing now.. it’s so much easier than thinking. 😉 Plus, it’s pretty easy to see in the last post why I can’t think anyways!!

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