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The Unsent Letter

Mother, I’m not bothering to send you this because I know that it wouldn’t do any good. I wish you could see how you have emotionally crippled me to the point of disrepair. I wish that, after 17 years, I … Continue reading

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Wordless(ish) Wednesday: I Want to be Like Mommy!

I found this while perusing my LiveJournal account and just had to share. 😉 Just one of those things that gets forwarded around the world; I’d forgotten all about it! ___________________

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Purple and Bathrooms (and Weight, OH MY!)

Purple and Bathrooms: the two challenges over the past two weeks at Beth’s place, where she, according to her, should be folding laundry. Boo to laundry! I had enough this week to make a person swear off it forever. Anywho, … Continue reading

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A Second Chance

This is a brief continuation to a piece I wrote last month. If you missed the first part of Haley’s story, it can be found here. ____________________ Haley’s eyes felt heavy, weighted. The air around her was musty and thick … Continue reading

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Rockin’ The Baby!

After I got done Rockin’ The Bump over at Shell’s place, she decided we also needed to Rock The Baby. I mean, it’s only logical, right? So I totally am. All of them. Ok, well, the ones I have photos … Continue reading

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Endlessly Perfected

A sanguine smile covering tears of discontent; always an endearing composure for a thankless audience. Their vacant eyes stare blindly, so quick to accept the façade with neither inquiry nor reservation. After all, surface judgments are easiest when made in … Continue reading

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Still Empty

I paused in front of the mirror, turning, inspecting the fabric and its uncomfortably close relationship with my skin. Every curve outlined. Every flaw accentuated. No matter my apparent need for them, I had grown weary long ago of compliments. … Continue reading

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