The Challenge

Disclaimer: I’ve been challenged by the lovely Sandi over at Crafting with Rhinos to write a post without correcting any typos or grammatical mistakes.

The deal was originally that I had to count ceiling tiles for an hour (or tiles of any sort) before beginning this just to see how much mush my brain would turn into. However, since I have zero ceiling tiles in the house and minimal bathroom tiling, we compromised with a “wait ’til my children have their daily simultaneous meltdowns” and then sit down and write.

She also gave me permission to use this disclaimer, which will hopefully help to soften my public humiliation. πŸ˜‰

So, without further ado, this is my attempt at not being a perfectionist. And it’s pure evil.

The baby is in a sleep-deprived state of panic, I’m sure. He, as we speak, is screaming his face off because I stopped pacing the floor with him trying to get him to take a freakin’ nap. Apparently, my solution isn’t getting him to sleep any better t han his was.

Yep, that typo is killing me to look at. Must. Not. Fix.

Anyways, the two year old is probably smearing banana around the living while this is going on and, frankly, I don’t care. He’s the only child I have ever met that canm make a mess out of anything he eats. And I mean anything.

This morning? He had smeared fruit snacks (nuke nack) smashed under (under!) his fingeranils. And also his fingernails. (Sandi? Not loiking this. Or liking, either) See? O cam’t even not correct myself. I’m stopping now. It’ll be up to you to decipher whatever the heck iy you think I’m saying from here on out.

Moving on to completely random material, that’s not entirely xcompletely random because Ibve talked about it before, but tandom for this post (if you can even call it that anymore!).. I sent out my resume for a couple places and rummaged through Craigslist, which is all I seem to DO anymore. It would seem that afer 12 ears of customer service I am not qualified to do much of anything at all. Yea, not even someone sneezing in my general direction.; The least they could do is tell me No. Insead I just get to sit back and wonder what the heck people are even thinking./

Geez, I should take some sort of typing lessons somewhere./ It’s quite obviously not my strong pouit. Huh. Maybe thats why no one has called about those data entry jobs.

Don’t get me wrong.. there’s jobs out there t be had. If I was a truck driving nurse proficient in CNC or welding, I’d be rolling in bucks. Unfortunately, I’m not even close. Or close to being close. Also? The stripper jobs arem’t exactly screaming out my name either.

Baby? Still screaming. I think my brain has officially melted all over the keyboard. BUt! Amazing thing happened last night. Probably not in the best place , but it was the only place it works, so I’m not takng it back. He slept , in his swing, from 1am until 6. Five entire hours! Had I not kept waking up listening for him, or at 3am when SO’s alarm went off, or at 5am when he started the shower for the 6yo, or ayt 6 when SO left, it woulda been a little more on the side of continuous esleep without having to hold the baby the enfire time and fight with him about which side he prefers to nurse on every 45 minutes.

But still. Being able to roll over on my own terms and not have my arm contorted around him was kinda nice. Don’t get me wrong.. i love snuggling with the little guy. but seriouslyu? Thse parts can ghet a little tiresome after 7 months. Yes, my fault. Still. It was nice. I’m not holding my breath on a repeat performance anytime soon. I’m not naive enough to think that he will fall asleep that easily and stay that way for that long since 90% of the time he doesn’ty. And never at night. I was actually afraid he would start crying and wake up the wntire house with his antics at 1 when I finally put him in the swing, but he whimpered a gew times and then was silent.

And speaking of never sleeping again, I’m actually beginning to feel s midge guilty because he’s still screaminbg at the top of his lungs and shows no interest on stopping anytime soon/. I propbably should do something about that/.

End giant rambling post.

I’m not even goign to reread this to see if it makes any sense. It might make my eyes bleed. Especially with all the little red lines prompting me to FIX stuff.

Hitting publish and walking away!!


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18 Responses to The Challenge

  1. Elena says:

    What a fun challenge! You did a good job writing through screaming. πŸ˜‰

  2. I’m so glad you let go and just wrote this. There are typos, so what? It was so much more full of emotion, and humor! LOVE IT! I bow to you…and I shall pimp you for a whole week! (I can’t believe I just said “pimp.”)

  3. Dianatru says:

    As a fellow typo nut, THIS is an act of pure bravery. Kudos to you – and it was great fun to read, too.

  4. MamaRobinJ says:

    I’m allowed to laugh, right? Good for you πŸ™‚

  5. Awesome!! You did great and it was a fantastic read

  6. Sandi says:

    Not a bad comment in the bunch. Hmmph. :p

  7. Suzan says:

    I loved this! Especially the part at the beginning where you corrected yourself. Kudos to you for accepting the challenge!

    Suzan’s “Life is Better in a Tiara”

  8. Kyle says:

    I get really annoyed with typos…when they are my own.

    But honestly, reading through this post, my brain just sort of auto-corrects and I don’t even notice them.

  9. I end with with unknown typos. The known ones would drive me crazy. It would be like bananas under my fingernails.

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