Animal Sounds, Anyone?

This little guy is a regular pro at his animal sounds. And some of them? Really amuse me.

Like his elephant sound. I laugh every. time. he does it. Sometimes I’ll randomly ask him throughout the course of the day what an elephant says just so I can hear it. It’s that cute.

Here’s a super-adorable video involving animal sounds and a Tinker Toy candy apple (did I mention he’s also very imaginative?). Listen for the elephant!

See? I don’t lie about cuteness.


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Mom to 4 boys and drowning in a sea of testosterone!
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4 Responses to Animal Sounds, Anyone?

  1. Diana says:

    My personal favorite??? That puppy! Oh, so cute – thanks for this.

  2. Andrea says:

    Love the elephant and the monkey. Most awesome-sauce.

  3. Shell says:

    What a cutie! I like the monkey. 🙂

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