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Toddler Dialect

Toddler Dialect. If you have a toddler, or have been around a toddler, you already know what this means. If not, allow me to explain. Toddlers speak their own language and it’s up to us, as the adult figures in … Continue reading

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Shedding My Skin

Six years old. I glance around me to see that no one is looking as I turn the bright orange cap of the Elmer’s glue bottle. Slowly tipping the bottle, nozzle pointed into my palm, I squeeze, then close it … Continue reading

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Animal Sounds, Anyone?

This little guy is a regular pro at his animal sounds. And some of them? Really amuse me. Like his elephant sound. I laugh every. time. he does it. Sometimes I’ll randomly ask him throughout the course of the day … Continue reading

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Take Five

Disgusting. She picked at the pastel frosting on the pastry in front of her. How do people eat this shit? Dana, her best friend of nearly 10 years, plopped down across from her in the school cafeteria, her lunch tray … Continue reading

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Some days are better than others. That goes without saying for everyone, I think. But, for me? It’s sort of monumental, either way. I mean, there’s either a really good day or a really bad day. My mind works in … Continue reading

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Missing Clothing?

Where to look for the missing clothing of your now naked toddler…

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More Than This

This was not how her life had been meant to turn out. She sighed as her twin 22 month old boys raced through the house and braced herself against the impact as they both slammed headlong into her, one on … Continue reading

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